I2c-gpio and PCIE2 pins

I’m using a CM3 board and I’m trying to get an i2c-gpio driver running on the following pins :

  • GPIO1_B2 which is the Pcie_nRST
  • GPIO1_B0 which is the PCIE20_CLKREQn_M2

I’ve disabled PCIE2 in my device tree overlay file :
fragment@7 {
target = <&pcie2x1>;
overlay {
status = “disabled”;

I’ve setup my i2c gpio driver and also tested these pins are regular GPIO pins, however I can’t seem to operate them as GPIO output pins.

I’ve been using gpioset with gpiochip1 line 8 and line 10 to address these gpio pins.

Anyone got any ideas or guidance on this topic ?