I think my Zero is Bricked forever

Hi, just got my radxa zero 4gb/32emmc.

Tried to flash to emmc using instructions and something went wrong.My radxa does not show in either windows or linux, I tried booting with boot button pressed, no luck. On my main windows machine, if I plug the radxa, the entire usb hub of the case dies and anything connected to it doesn’t work. If I unplug, it goes back up. No power to the board at all, no green pwr led, hdmi signal. Even changed the usb c cables, no luck.
edit: When connecting to some usbs, the power led blinks once at connection then nothing.

On the second machine I have, if I plug the radxa, I get the power led dimmed,so it seems to power the board somehow and in a matter of seconds the chipset heats like crazy.(I think this happens only on SS USB ports) But still doesn t show in device manager or with lsusb even with usb boot button and no hdmi output.

I m out of ideas, I bought an serial uart -> usb cable that should arrive by end of next week but after reading other posts, I m thinking the fault is electrical and unrecoverable.

Paid a lot of money for it cause I wanted to make a handheld project, what should I do?

Maybe you should contact Radxa to support you. What kind of handheld do you want to build.

I wanted to build a handheld using a waveshare 3.5 inch screen, Pi RP2040 BB Q20 HID Keyboard, a ups hat and a battery, DS1307 I2C RTC. I would have printed the case myself later on.