I tested PINE64 and Odroid eMMC on the RPi4B


Hi all.
I’ve tested an eMMC module from Pine64(64GB module from my Rock64) on the Rock Pi 4, and this didn’t work.
It also doesn’t work on my Odroid, so I guess it’s not compatible.

I also tried an eMMC module from Odroid (32GB module from my XU4). This works fine.

If anyone has other experiences, please let it know in this thread


Dont feel too bad. I have the RADXA 64GB eMMC and it doesn’t work. :astonished::money_mouth_face:


My 64GB eMMC didn’t work with the recent Debian-Arm64.img.gz build, although that image works fine via uSD. @O635789 is aware of this issue and is kindly working on a fix.
Meanwhile, I’m booting rockpi4_debian_stretch_lxde_armhf_20181105_2120-gpt.img.gz from the 64GB eMMC.
Hope this helps.