I just received the QUAD SATA KIT, and realized it's not for Rock Pi 4

It’s for … Raspberry Pi 4. I have a pair of Raspberry Pi 4, not problem, but I have been thinking it’s for Rock Pi 4 the whole time, even though it’s saying Raspberry Pi 4 on the web page when I check it back – but why?

We have the Quad SATA HAT for ROCK Pi, which will be shipped after the Spring Festival.

As Raspi 4B+ adjusted the position of USB, it was inconsistent with Raspi 3B/3B+.
And the position of USB of ROCK Pi is the same as Raspi 3B/3B+.
So, we had to prepare two versions of Quad SATA HAT.

I’m talking about the enclosure. I didn’t find any information of the Rock Pi counterpart. Honestly comparing to Rock Pi 4, Raspberry Pi 4 is not a good choice for this type of application due to its infamous subpar power supply design.

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OK I was wrong about the power supply part, it’s powered through the HAT not the Pi.