I have a problem on the SPI flash of 6 rockpi on 36


I have a problem with the SPI flash.
I tested on 36 rockpi 4C, on 30 I had no problem the SPI is flashing (so my procedure is ok), but the 6 others do not work.

Here are my steps:

  • installation of a jumper for the CLK of the spinnaker.
  • usbA OTG connection
  • card ignition (via usb-c)
  • I take off the jumper
  • rk ld> OK spi found ( rkdeveloptool ld DevNo=1 Vid=0x2207,Pid=0x330c,LocationID=1401 Maskrom)
  • bootload rk> OK (sudo rkdeveloptool db /Users/aaa/Desktop/rockpi/spi/out/u-boot/spi/rk3399_loader_spinor_v1.20.126.bin > Downloading bootloader succeeded.)
  • rk wl 0 …> OK (sudo rkdeveloptool wl 0 /Users/aaa/Desktop/rockpi/spi/out/u-boot/spi/uboot-trust-spi.img > Write LBA from file (100%))
  • rk rd> Reset ok (sudo rkdeveloptool rd > Reset Device OK.)

if I leave plugged in I have my uboot which launches on the screen! awesome. but if I cut the power supply to the card and the restart the spinnaker u-boot does not start.

Namely that this same u-boot and loader works very well on the other 30 RockPi 4C

do you have an idea to solve this problem? thank you.

Hi, Rocket

The steps is right. Did you forget to take off the jumper? It’s very important to take it off before writing.

How about accessing SPI flash from Linux /dev/mtd* on the 6 units. Do you see /dev/mtd?

Hello, For the jumper was removed after starting the card 2 to 4 seconds later.

I will burn an emmc to see if I can flash it from linux.

The behavior is still very strange as if the SPI behave like a RAM (remove when the rockpi stops)