I finished my work on Rock 4SE image builder

Now everything works, also the emulated desktop in qemu for custom kernels!

Hi, I downloaded a debian image that was made by you but there is unallocated storage on my sdcard. In an other thread you said that it is necessary to to partition the OS after putting it to the sdcard.
Looking up on how to do it seems kind of complicated(time consuming) to do so. So I’m thinking of creating my own image, however.

The thing is that I only have a windows 10 PC and I don’t have an other PC for Linux. Is there a way I can use your script in windows or should I somehow install Linux in VM and try it that way?

I’m asking because I’m a bit over my head as I haven’t touched Linux in 20 years.

Any help I would be grateful and thank you for this application you made. I really liked the debian version you created, even if it was in German and no harddrive memory left :smiley:

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I’m actually now building using your tool. I couldn’t compile the kernel for some reason so I used the example

./build -s testing -d xfce4 -k latest -H no -u debian -p 123456 -b

However it didn’t work at first but it was missing
./build/.sh -s testing -d xfce4 -k latest -H no -u debian -p 123456 -b

It’s been building for a long time now. I hope it works.

Edit: It failed. It tired to build it in rock4 se. I’ll try again but with another config.

Edit2: Just saw that I need an amd64 as rock4se has ARM. I think I have to go with my original plan of using a VM to compile an image on my PC.

yes you must build it on an amd64 host it is cross compiling the kernel, if you just want build a newer kernel on rock4se you can copy the kernelupdater.sh to your rock4se:
chmod +x kernelupdater.sh
sudo ./kernelupdater.sh

Edit: But this takes very long time

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What build settings do you recommend? Like bullseye, latest and so on.

I tried to make a build but it couldn’t boot to rock4se. 100% because I have no idea what I’m doing. It didn’t fail at least.

I’ll try to make a build where I don’t chose compile kernel, default, bookworm, with headers, and xcfe. I hope it can start in rock4.

Okay. I got it to start and get inside debian but when I reboot it starts to do some weird stuff in u-boot and start to “Could not initialize PHY ethernet@30be0000”. I even connected my ethernet cable and it did something for 15 minutes and still couldn’t start debian.

Tried that too but it fails too. It creates a linux folder and all but there is some error after 10 minutes. Should I run this without XCFE up or should it work just opening terminal. I feel if I could update the kernel that it could work. I really liked running glfxgear at full screen at 60 fps :slight_smile:

you can try to build a cli version and install xinit, xorg, xfce4, lightdm, and network-manager-gnome manually

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