I can not write image to SPI flash

Hi all,
I am very new to RockPi and Linux, so i am trying like all get out to get this to work. I have MX Linux installed on a laptop and i am trying to write to the SPI flash.
I have a version 1.3 RockPi4b with 4 gb memory and it came with an SPI flash module installed. I have no issue installing Debian on eMMC and Armbian on SD card. That runs fine.I have never had any luck with Android of any version on eMMC or SD.
I have attempted to install Android 10 and update the boot on eMMC also with no luck. The only way i can get in to maskrom mode is to start the Rockpi with pins 23 and 25 shorted. As soon as i remove the jumper my computer looses usb connection.
When i run rkdeveloptool i get an error “write LBA quit, creating comm object failed”
any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
Remember go easy on me.

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Run the debian and do the following is the quickest way to erase SPI flash:

sudo /usr/local/sbin/rockpi4b_erase_spi_flash.sh

Ok Thank you.I will give it a try

I have everything working now. Thank you