I burnt RockPi 5B. Need help identify burnt chip

My USB charger does not boot RockPi and I read that I can apply high voltage to type c directly. May be 12v is ok but I applied 19.5v and burnt some chip

Could you tell me what chip is that? I will order it and try to replace.

Second question.
Can I bypass that chip and apply 5v to some pin to boot board? at least to test it works?

As per these docs, the burned chip U2602 is FUSB302BMPX (MLP14_2R50X2R50X0R80).
In theory this board supports 5v - 20v fixed voltage input, so this is weird.

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Thank You! I just read it is not a regular laptop 19.5v but 24v used with TS100 soldering iron.

i have exactly the same situation, if there is no short in the vbus, just supply it with a voltage 5 ~ 19V of your preference it should work, if it is shorting you might try removing it (fusb chip). It is just to negotiate the voltage level, there is an LDO behind that to regulate so it should be fine.

EDIT: by vbus i mean the vbus pin of type C port. just supply a voltage of your preference from there.

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Thank You! I actually ordered FUSB and it arrived at home but I am not at home. I planned to replace it. I have never soldered that small chips. It sounds much simpler to just remove that chip from board with hotgun and flux.

I use power unit that shows votage and current and current is always 0
No leds blink on board but when I plugged first time and burnt chip. leds were contunue blinking until I disconnected power.
I guess there is no shorting.

I tried to remove that chip with heat gun. I have small experience removing sop8 flash chips but FUSB chip is not desoldering. I even made it a bit hotter then usual (405 C).

Not sure how hot should I go with it.