How to Wake on LAN?

when my Rock Pi S (without WiFi/Bluetooth) is idling several hours, it seems to fall asleep and loses network connection, so I thought I’d wake it up using pywakeonlan or wol to wake it up. So I noticed the MAC address and tested both tools, but it won’t wake up.
If my presumption is right, how do I wake it up?

I am sorry ROCK Pi S doesn’t support WoL on hardware. ROCK Pi S should not go sleep after idling sever hours. You’d better check with a serial console and see what’s happening.


Now I checked it with a serial console and found out a kernel panic.
Since I’m using slarm64, I posted it on Slackware-ARM forum at

For those who are interested, here’s a link:

I find this device disappearing from the network after a few days. Also using slarm, kernel 5.10.10.

The only stable kernels I tested so far are 4.4.* on the Rock Pi S. With all 5.* kernels I got regularly kernel panics in slarm64. Now I’m using kernel 4.4.248 with no stability issue.

Still on the same kernel 5.10, but was running some things that keep it busy. This includes 2 instances of gkrellm.

There have been no new crashes. I guess this panic on 5.10 happens only when idle. Now I keep it idle again and wait for the crash…

The crash topic deserves is own thread.