How to use USB2.0 on the 40-pin header

I connected 5V(PIN4), D-(PIN16), D+(PIN18), GND(PIN20) to the female socket, and inserted the mouse on the female socket, but the OS did not respond


If I use the usb3.0 port to detect the mouse, it can be captured. How to use usb2.0(on the 40-pin header) and what settings do I need?

I connected a TYEPA female port with a lead wire, and then connected it to a HUB. Both the mouse and the U disk can be used without any other special operations.The mirror of this wiki official website I use:
You can try this mirror image, or swap D+ and D- to try.

I use the same img as you, but it doesn’t work,
My ROCK PI E is v1.2, which version is your ROCK PI E?
Is it convenient to upload your ROCK PI E and HUB connection photos?

My ROCK PI E is v1.21, the following is the picture I tested, and it can be used normally with a U disk inserted on it.

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