How to use SPI (easiest way)



I’m really new in linux and rockpi4.
I want to use the rockpi4 to address a DAC-converter via SPI.

First I tried Armbian (Raxda Downloads) and used the libmraa-rockpi4 package
( But it’s not possible to download the required packages ( Armbian support, error: mount: mount point vfat does not exist ).

Then I tried with Debian Desktop. Installing libmraa package was no problem. But when I try to test it, I always get the error: Error initialising SPI bus
In another thread it was said that libmraa does not work for armhf. (Enable SPI in Debian)

So now I don’t know how to go on. Is someone using SPI and can help me? Which is the easiest way to usw SPI?


Hi, @Alex

Both Debian desktop and Ubuntu server support libmraa (arm64 and armf).

On ROCK Pi 4, you can use SPI by libmraa. See