How to use I2S1

any advice on how to get I2S1 working, for use with an external audio codec? i’m assuming we need a device tree overlay?

Yes, hfiberry two models are supported in Debian/Ubuntu


thanks, so let’s say i un-comment “intfc:dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac” in /boot/hw_intfc.conf. how can i then test that i2s1 is working? will it show up as a device somewhere in the filesystem?

i tried this (un-commenting the hifiberry-dac line in hw_initfc.conf), and re-booted, but still don’t see a change. “aplay -l” shows the ES8316 and HDMI, same as before.

i also noticed that in /proc/device-tree, there are 3 i2s devices listed (even before un-commenting hifiberry): i2s@ff880000, i2s@ff890000, i2s@ff8a0000. the first and third instance have status=okay, but the second instance (presumable i2s1) has status=disabled. this seems to be in accordance with rockpi-4-linux.dtsi.

how can i enable i2s1 in the device tree?