How to upgrade kernel in ubuntu

Hello All,

I have a RockPi 3A that I have installed the default Ubuntu Focal image on. My intent was to use the device for 1 purpose which was to convert iSCSI to a USB interface for the PS5. I can say that almost everything is working as expected using open ISCSI and g_mass_storage.

Unfortunately, it looks like the latest kernel available in this default ubuntu branch is 4.19 which means that the kernel doesn’t allow g_mass_storage to emulate a drive larger than 2TB. This is documented here including the fix in a later kenel version.

My question is, is there a way to upgrade to any mainline kernels that have not been tested and released by Radxa? If not, is there a way I can request this as a candidate for the official radxa release?

I have a good amount of experience with Linux but this is the 1st time where uboot was a factor in the mix and I can’t even figure out how to upgrade the kernel.


We’re working on ROCK 3A with kernel 5.10, which won’t be done soon because we’re coming up on the Spring Festival holiday.

Can I make the request that the patch identified in my link is added to the next kernel? It would solve a major problem for me if that is the case. Thanks for reading and replying and happy Spring Festival.

FYI for quick reference