How to try another OS?

Hi all!

I’ve found some new images for RockPi4 with the latest kernel like DietPi, Manjaro, Armbian. What is the proper way to try it on my RockPi4? If I write the image to an SD card or an NVME disk, RockPi does not boot. eMMC is connected and contains the working Ubuntu 18.04 OS.

SecureMode = 0
SecureInit ret = 0, SecureMode = 0
GPT  signature is wrong
LoadTrust Addr:0x1800
LoadTrust Addr:0x1c00
LoadTrust Addr:0x2000
LoadTrust Addr:0x2400
LoadTrust Addr:0x2800
LoadTrust Addr:0x2c00
LoadTrust Addr:0x3000
LoadTrust Addr:0x3400
Addr:0x1800 No find trust.img!
LoadTrustBL error:-3
SecureMode = 0
SecureInit ret = 0, SecureMode = 0

If official Armbian does not boot and you follow the guide … open a topic here.

Edit: Disconnect eMMC before since it has higher boot priority and its u-boot is most likely not able to boot SD just like that.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. The problem in my case is related to the SPI flash with UBoot. When I disabled it by connecting pins 23 & 25, I can load the latest DietPi and Armbian from an SD card.

Did you updated the latest u-boot for SPI flash?

It should support Armbian in NVMe booting, the previous u-boot doesn’t support mbr, which most third party images uses.

I’ve installed the latest uboot using the instruction from the following article:
Does “rockpi4b-rk-u-boot-latest” installs this IMG?

$ sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-fstab
$ sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-overlay
$ sudo apt-get install -y rockpi4-dtbo
$ sudo apt-get install -y linux-4.4-latest # Will update kernel
Update u-boot in uSD card or eMMC:
$ sudo apt-get install -y rockpi4b-rk-u-boot-latest