How to transfer running Debian (Buster) system from uSD to SSD

I am a newbie on Rock4B and not very deep in hardware questions and in setting up Linux systems.

I succeeded to setup a Rock4B with Debian Buster on uSD card and installed some environment to monitor some power consumption and temperatures in our building
in setting up: Apache web server, mariadb, adminer to check/change mariadb tables,
mosquitto broker, grafana to display tempreatures and graphs, and finally some scripting to read the different inputs and store in mariadb.

Now I have seen that uSD card may not be best or long time logging and I want to change to SSD disk.

So my questions to get some support from knowing people:

1) concerning Hardware:
Is it possible to have a SSD on USB port to have all environment there?
I see this support page:
So the question:
Can I take a HP EX900 and put in to e.g. this case

  1. Is it possible to transfer the actual system from uSD card to SSD and boot
    from SSD?
    If yes: How to transfer the complete system either on Rock4B or Windows?

  2. Which steps do I have to do to setup the boot environment?
    Sonme steps from this support page?
    If yes: Which ones?

Thanks for supporting!!!


Hi Klaus,

that’s what i’d like to know, too. I’ve a model 4b+ with the M2 Extension Board and have tried different M2.NVMEs with no success.

The support pages you mentioned aren’t very helpful in my opinion especially the second one is completely outdated.

If someone here is listening, i’ll appreciate any help, too.

Kind regards