How to start the new rock5b

I’m a newbie, I use Emmc USB Reader + 48g Emmc + wifi A8, after the rock5b is started, only the green light is always on, and there is no sound, I don’t have display and network cable, only wifi username and password, how can I configure my rock5b to automatically start with my wifi username and password? (Can I use the Raspberry Pi ubuntu image? It can edit the configuration file to configure the default wifi username and password before starting), thanks

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Hi luna, please keep in mind that the rock5b is more or less a development platform, maybe you need a monitor, keybaord and network to have a inital setup. The raspberry images are not usable, you need a rock5b compatible image.
I’m not aware that this images has the same configurable options for ssh and wifi. Maybe someone else knows that.
I would recommend to use a monitor and keyboard to do the inital setup.

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