How to start desktop


does anyone know how to start the desktop app. After following (puzzling) through the tutorials I have managed to get ubuntu debian on the eMMC. It restart and ask some setup questions, I even get connected to the internet…

But after all of this I am still in the console, I manage to do some updating and upgrading, but how to start desktop? I tried startxfce4 as I read from their wiki …
-bash: startxfce4: command not found

console only shows:

Q1 Should I have done the update and upgrade ?
Q2 Should desktop auto start (I remember it did in the passed) ?
Q3 How to manualy open desktop from console?


U can install the ubuntu-desktop for the ubuntu server image:
sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop
Try it!

Yes but it is not so stable, sometimes the desktop session ends suddenly and come back to login view for some reason. I think is a (absence) proper video driver problem.
Also the desktop experience is very slow, 4 cpu cores are always at 30/40%.