How to set up KGDB on Armbian

Hello, I’m using Armbian with kernel 6.1.57 on a Radxa Zero board. I want to configure the target board to allow me to debug remotely via KGDB on serial port.

I have enabled KGDB via the following kernel config switches:


I also added extraargs=kgdboc=ttyAML0,115200 to /boot/armbianEnv.txt

However, the kernel now puts this into the kernel log when the system is booted:

[ 0.000000] Unknown kernel command line parameters “splash ubootpart=1fc53e99-01 kgdboc=ttyAML0,115200 cgroup_enable=memory”, will be passed to user space.

So, what is the proper way to enable KGDB/GDB remote debugging over a serial port in Armbian?