How to set up a camera on Rock3a?

I am new to using Radxa boards and have only been using a Raspberry Pi board. Setting up a camera on Raspberry Pi is self explanatory, but I am having a hard time to get it to work on Rock3a. I was unable to find any manuals or tutorials on this topic, so any help will be appreciated. I am trying to use an Rpi camera V1 with my Rock3a and using a Debian Buster OS. What are the steps in enalbing/configuring the camera with the board?

Read the wiki


Kernel provided DT overlay files are in
/boot/dtbs/$(uname -r)/rockchip/overlay/

/boot/uEnv.txt contents:
overlays=rk3568-uart0 rk3568-can1-m0 rk3568-pwm13-m0 rk3568-i2c2-m0 rk3568-spi3-m1-cs0-spidev rk3568-w1-gpio

Add names of overlays you want to activate to overlays= line in /boot/uEnv.txt, separated with spaces.
Add required parameters with their values to /boot/uEnv.txt, one per line.
Add optional parameters with their values to /boot/uEnv.txt if you want to change the default value, one per line.

  • update to the latest kernel
  • add an overlay for the camera