How to run NPU test on Radxa Rock 3C?

I’ve got Radxa Rock 3C board. The linux kernel is 4.19.193-4-rk356x (official Debian bullseye image).
As I got from this link I need to upgrade a kernel up to 4.19.193-25. There is no such kernel in a repository. Without it I’ve got an error while running NPU demo test:

Failed to open rknpu module, need to insmod rknpu driver!
Failed to open rknpu device!

Does anybody know how to upgrade the kernel to have this driver on?

As I got from /usr/src/linux-headers-4.19.193-4-rk356x/.config my kernel has such a config flag:


If I try to run example with sudo I get the same result

rock@rock-3c:~/rknn_ssd_demo_Linux$ sudo ./rknn_ssd_demo model/RK356X/ssd_incept ion_v2.rknn model/bus.jpg
[sudo] password for rock:
resize 640 640 to 300 300
Loading model …
rknn_init …
E RKNN: [20:31:00.723] failed to open rknpu module, need to insmod rknpu dirver!
E RKNN: [20:31:00.723] failed to open rknn device!
rknn_init fail! ret=-1