How to install ubuntu16.04LTS in ROCK Pi 4?


I want to use Movidius NC Stick,and I have to use Ubuntu16.04, but official website just provide Ubuntu18.04 server…Any one can help me!!


If it works on 16.04 it should also work on 18.04.
Their how-to just hasnt been updated to say 18.04. So just use 18.04 and itll be fine.


run in ubuntu18.04 is not a good idea. it can’t work in ubuntu 18.04,I close os check in ‘’ and install success. but it can find device.


I’m planning on testing it and doing the same thing (use a movidius NCS with it).


any update on this? also trying to install Ubuntu 16.04 in order to use the Intel NCS2


Hello. I also need to install Ubunut 16 on RockPi 4 Model B in order to be able to install ROS Kinetic. Are there any updates regarding this? Any body figured this out?
any hints are appreciated.



I have ROS Melodic installed on the Armbian image provided by radxa. Do you explicitly need Kinetic?