How to enter rock pi 4 startup?

Just got a brand new rock pi 4c+ set from
I put in my login details but after it it asked my to change my keyboard settings I accidentally changed it to devorak keyboard layout even though I use qwerty. After a long time I finally managed to log in I changed the settings in debian back to qwerty. But the problem still arises when I try and log in and the keyboard is still in devorak setting (after I log in its fine). I worked out that the only way of fixing this was by going into startup menu and changing the keyboard layout from there but I don’t know how to get into the startup menu on the rock pi 4c+. Please help.
Tank you.

I’m going to follow this one. I am running dietpi and have encountered a problem I just can’t get around. No matter how many times I reset my user password, it is not recognized in the lightDM login. I don’t think it’s related to the keyboard settings. I think it is a lightDM problem.

The “startup menu” depends on the OS you are running. On the Debian OS offering it is “rsetup” run from terminal.

sudo rsetup

In dietpi it is either editing the dietpi.txt file or running the setup application from the desktop under /root/Desktop/.