How to enforce USB Peripheral Mode on Radxa Zero?

Hi guys,

I would like to use the Radxa Zero as a USB serial device. It would be connected via a single USB A to USB C cable to a host. On the host it should advertise itself as a USB serial device while its being powered via the same cable.
Is this possible?
In the past I was doing this on the Pi Zero ( and wanted to check if I can achieve the same with the Radxa Zero.

Thanks for your support on this question and have a good weekend.

I think it should be possible with proper Linux.

Currently we only support peripheral mode for:

fastboot to flash images to eMMC or use eMMC as a USB drive to PC,

To do that, you need the pyamlboot tool:

pip3 install git+

Download the loader:



Now Press and hold the USB Boot button, plug the USB A to C to PC rz-udisk-loader.bin

Your PC should see a USB drive, which is the eMMC of zero.

More detailed info:

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( Maybe this is another topic )
I am asking if USB3 or USB2 can be emulated as RNDIS client? ( or any interface capable of running off USB hub )? looking forward to use this to build a cluster

I have the same setup - did you figure the RNDIS setting out?
My usual config is RPi4 running RNDIS on Mac and PC just fine.
I hope there will be a config for that soon.