How to enable uart3 on Rock pi S?

Greetings !

I am working on Rock Pi S V13 hardware. On that build I am using Yocto image as OS. I want to enable uart03, but I can’t find any related details regarding uart03.

I checked pin diagram for rock pi S, on that they’ve mentioned pin 39 and pin 40 as UART3.

Then I checked device overlays, they didn’t mention anything about uart3. I can see only uart0, uart1, uart2.

I am struck in this. Please help me with this as soon as possible.

Check the gpio 1st as its a 26 pin header so you have me confused.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ve checked 26 pin Header 2. There they’ve mentioned pin about UART3

Please let me know, and help me with this.

Ignore me as was looking at the wrong revision as for some reason changed the pin numbering
At a guess they have not caught up with the overlays and the revisions and an overlay as of yet does not exist.

@VigneshG247 @stuartiannaylor the question take to me the same.have you find solution yet?

Guess it still needs an overlay, but the revisions have taken the rockpi-s off track for me and my primary use was the analogue mic inputs that are to noisy to use, so stopped using the rockpi-s.
Any of your tech staff know if there is an overlay for the newer revisions for uart3?

@stuartiannaylor thank you I find it