How to configure secure boot and flash encryption

I want to configure secure boot and flash encryption on the RockPi 4 using the eFuse, but I could not find any guide about it. Can anyone guide me through this process? I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 minimal

you might look up here, where you can use lvm for encrypted setup of your root which would require you to unlock it before it is booted/hooked up and with current RADXA images, there is no video output during preboot/boot phase making it actually quite impossible for you to enter password to decrypt your disk (for now at least).

I cant reply now about secure boot of non disks parts, as I have to play with it first to see what is possible, is a question more directed to the RADXA devs I guess.

What you can do is to have encrypted disk which you will decrypt on login, it could be even made as a kinda overlay of your root/home.

For ability to use RAID/LVM you need mdadm (sudo apt-get install -y mdadm, which is normally preinstalled with ubuntu bionic server images, search on search engines for guides how to setup LVM or RAID according to your needs, there is plenty of them.