How to configure Rock Pi E as router with Armbian?

Armbian works great with my Rock Pi E. Tested WiFi for both being an Access Point as well as a client to my router. Both work great. Though both the physical nics are easy to configure with armbian-config, I am struggling to configure it as a Router (with the two nics). I couldn’t find Armbian document that can explain how to configure Rock Pi E as a router. (May be I didn’t search well enough). Thought I’ll ask for help. Wondering if anyone configured Rock Pi E as a router successfully with Armbian ?

OpenWRT works great on Rock Pi E but no WiFi. So OpenWRT is not a choice :frowning: I need to configure Rock Pi E both as a WiFi Access Point as well as a router.

For now, I am trying to follow a steps shows in this video (meant for CentOS).

Appreciate any advice/help.

thanks in advance.

You don’t need any special documentation for Armbian:

Try here perhaps:

Thank you Igor for all the links. Will cerainly check them all.

Just configuring two nics with different static ips and having “netipv4.ip_forward=1” in /etc/sysctl.d/ip_forward.conf alone doesn’t seem to make a linux box as a router. Looks like there is more to it. And that’s where I am struggling. But anyways, i will go ahead and check out those links you provided.

I hope it’s ok here if I share my recent posting here on my learning curve in embedded space. Assuming it might be of some use to others beginners like me and will not be seen as spam. I sincerely apologise if so.