How to choice SPI Flash for Rock PI 4C Plus

i want to buy a Rock PI 4C Plus , i see the wiki , it show a XT25F128B .
Can the Rock PI 4C Plus use it ?

Yes. But I have to warn you that soldering the SPI flash by yourself will void the warranty.

But i dont find a XT25F128B on allnet shop website. can i buy one on ebay, and send SPI Flash and board to allnet ,I can pay for it , Whether feasible ?

It has a place for it but the 4C+ doesn’t support it so it’s pointless

The ROCK 4 Model C+ (RS114-120230103422) that I recently received from Allnet already has a Winbond 25Q64FV on the board. So if its not supported why was it installed?

what the hell, mine didnt. @jack said there was no support for 4C+ SPI

Can you post a picture of your board.

Why would it void the warranty if you guys tell us to add it to the board? That doesn’t make any sense. I can understand if somebody breaks the board doing that, but you’d have to prove that that’s what broke it.

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Could you please answer why would we lost the warranty even though you explained how to do?

Apparently its an option offered by AllNet. The SPI NOR flash can be enable when using Armbian, but appears to be useless for my intended purposes. I was planning to boot from SPI nor and have system installed on NVME. However the U-Boot provided by Armbian doesn’t appear to properly start the NVME when booting from SPI. I get the messages:
rockchip_pcie pcie@f8000000: failed to get vpcie1v8 supply (ret=-121)

Device 0: unknown device
rockchip_pcie pcie@f8000000: failed to find ep-gpios property

Another issue with Armbian is that it doesn’t appear to recognize the eMMC module when booting from SD Card.