How to boot from nvme without SPI Flash (but with sd card)

I have a second hand Rock PI4 ,it’s v1.3 ,does not have spi flash IC.

Let’s say I have two SD card, and one NVME SSD. My final goal is booting Rock Pi4 from NVME SSD.

  1. Boot Rock Pi4 from the first SD card. then insert the second SD card via a SD card reader on USB port.

  2. Inside OS, write something call “uboot” (I am not quite understand uboot) into second SD card.

  3. Then write OS image to nvme SSD.

  4. Power off Rock PI4 , unplug the first SD card ,and insert the second SD card, and connect NVME SSD.

  5. Then it will boot ?

It is correct ? any one can provides some more detail (better with the command line instructions)

PS: I already bought one SPI flash IC , but I don’t have hand soldering experience, not sure I can make it work ?

This way?