How to boot a 32 bit kernel on cm3?

Hi there, i am trying to boot a 32 bit kernel, however i keep getting the same “Bad Linux ARM64 Image magic” every time. I created the base system through rockchip-bsp in a working state, and then rebuilt u-boot with the ability to boot aarch32 kernels and updated my boot medium.

Are there any instructions on how to get a 32 bit kernel to boot on the cm3?

You don’t need to build 32bit kernel, if you have 32bit app, you can run on 64bit kernel. Is there any particular reason that you want to build 32bit kernel?

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Hi Jack, thanks for your answer. Our proprietary routing core performs best under a native 32 bit os. The throughput is a lot higher, at least on a comparably raspberry pi cm4. I would now like to benchmark the performance of our routing core in a native 32 bit kernel os.

Please advise on how to boot a 32 bit kernel :slight_smile: