How to apply GPIO using python in Ubuntu?

If someone is accessing the gpio from rock pi x, using python, can explain how it be done? I cannot find any successful tutorial that can achieve it.

check libmraa:

And so how can I solve the problem?

vms@vms-ROCK-Pi-X:~$ sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
vms@vms-ROCK-Pi-X:~$ wget
vms@vms-ROCK-Pi-X:~$ sudo apt install -f -y libc6 libjson-c4 libjson-c-dev libgtest-dev libgcc1 libstdc++6 python2.7 libpython2.7 python3.8 libpython3.8
vms@vms-ROCK-Pi-X:~$ sudo dpkg -i libmraa-rockpix_0.3_amd64.deb
vms@vms-ROCK-Pi-X:~$ sudo dpkg -i libmraa-rockpix_0.4_amd64.deb
vms@vms-ROCK-Pi-X:~$ sudo apt-get install -f -y

After executing the above code, we tested it, but could not find the relevant file or directory, Can you give some help? Here are some pictures of how I executed the code.

I have resolved the above problem, but I encountered a new problem: I tried to run Python GPIO code but got an “Invalid GPIO pin specified” error.