How Rock Pi S endurable with hard reset?

When I hard reset Windows 7 or 10, sometimes I can’t reboot. I mean accidentally turn off PC.
What about Rock Pi S’s Debian?
I am going to use Rock Pi S start and set it up by itself.
Then I use it like convertor with my midi controllers and after job’s done I’ll just take off the power-usb…
Is it ok or maybe can’t boot?? Or should I make some gpio input button for halting Debian??

You should always properly shut down a Linux system or it can cause filesystem corruption which can cause it to fail to boot (as well as destroy anything stored on the device).

Thank you.
I just wonder how other people turn off Rock Pi S when they use it without SSH.

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ROCK Pi S is designed for IOT and should be running all the time. The SD Nand can guarantee data safe when suddenly power drop.

If you have anything that actually works full time - some SQL servers as example - hard reset will lead to corrupt database. Otherwise - think about it as minor chances (very slim, less then 0.1%, but they exist), that you may get corrupted filesystem beyond repair (in most cases, you will need just to check filesystem with chkfs to get data back)

When I need to set up a device to be absolutely robust against power failures, what I always do, is mount all of the non-volatile storage devices as READ-ONLY, and where necessary, add a RAM-backed overlay.

So that mean SD Nand Flash is more stable with power failures as compared to Sd card? What about eMMC? Is eMMC also stable with sudden power failures? I am also facing frequent SD card files corruption issue with abrupt power failures.

The SD Nand chip we use pass the power loss test. For SD card, you can use industrial level SD or endurance-grade SD card.