How good is the Radxa Zero supported?

Hello, i saw DietPI supports the Radxa Zero and it looked kinda interesting for my application, tho im fairly new to alternative SBC`s im wondering how well things are supported on the radxa zero, stuff like overclocking and overlays (/boot/config.txt) and can i use raspberrypi audio hats?

what merrits are still there with alternative SBC`s ?

dietpi does not support anything. they download armbian and install their bash overlay. you need to verify if armbian supports it.

thanks for the headsup

well im specially curious if audio hats are supported

If you sponsor work and hats, it can be supported, otherwise this is on you to support. This is how open source software development works.

No, no hats are supported, don’t even think it has I2S on the GPIO.

Hats are really a Pi thing as if it had I2S then get a audio module and some dupont jumpers and wire it up than just sitting direct on the gpio.
Its a shame things are so Pi orientated as likely many SoCs will never have the same pin mux as if Hats had a GPIO cutout to expect dupoint jumper connections then it could work with all if those ports are on GPIO.

For some audio options you do not need a hat. On zero and zero 2, spdif has been exposed on pin 19 and it works, see

Armbian is not interested in having spdif, not even after being offered.

I never saw any offer with this content