How good does LibreElec run on the Rock PI 4?

Hi friends how are you all doing?

I have a plan to build a Media Center, so I’m looking for a SBC with support to 4K60fps with also 3.0 usb ports. So I ended up finding the Rock Pi 4. The thing is that I can’t find much information about people using the Kodi/LibreElec system in it. My questions are:

Does LibreElec have any issue due to the Rockchip 3399?
What about the 4K video, does it work with 60fps?

I’m aware that the Raspberry Pi 4 has been just released and it has the same features I’m looking for, however the Rock Pi 4 still has more to offer like the ssd slot and rtc jumper.

Thanks for the attention!

LibreELEC actually is progressing very fast for Rockchip RK3399 devices.
Just 2 days ago there was mainline work done for HDR support with metadata.
So in a few months all will work perfect.

You can follow the Rockchip Rock Pi 4 and mainline threads in the LibreELEC forum

RK3399 chipsets supports 10-bit H264 and HDR which the RBP 4 does’t support, 4K@60hz will also perform better on the Rock Pi 4.
Mainline support should be merged soon in the nightly images then things will progress even faster.

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Those are great news!
As I want to build a media center I don’t really need more then LibreELEC working. Also I don’t think it’s ok to already buy the RBP 4B already knowing that in the future(not so close I think) they will release the PLUS version.

At this time I am using a RBP 3B+ with Suptronics boards(x820 and x735) it runs perfectly for Full HD movies, however I want to be testing the 4K movies soon.

Thanks for the help and for sharing the links!