How can I boot Armbian headless 1080p

I have a rockpi 4b with twister os armbian installed. I would like to run it headless. I installed x11vnc, but without a monitor plugged in, I only get 800x600. I would prefer 1920x1024.

If I had a raspberry pi, I could modify config.txt and fix it. I am unsure in armbian. I tried modifying boot me (and compiling), and armbianEnv.txt, but it didn’t work.

Any advice?

Hi @splashd, take a look at Xvfb and see if that can provide a connection for your vnc matching your preferred resolution.

Thanks. I tried that, but I cannot get a remote display I can access. Not sure how to map the Xvfb display 1 to the vncserver (which is set to the default desktop display 0).

I really need the ability to set the x11vnc to a useful resolution for a remote desktop experience.

It’s been eons since I used Xvfb for anything but you’re starting it via rc.local or other means with your preferred resolution?

Here’s the overview:

Depending on your x server settings, you may need to also allow access to your client with:
xhost + client_IP

You can check your X log to see if there are any denied connections from your client.

Remote vnc connections can typically specify the alternate display with:

I haven’t tried x11-vnc, is this the guidance you’re using?

Perhaps worth trying TigerVNC or another daemon?

Depending on what x-app(s) you need to run, you can also forward them over ssh. For instance, connecting with:
ssh -X user@sbc_IP

Will allow you to run xterm or firefox and have them launch on your local system. Depending on your client system, you may need to run a X emulator.

Over WAN connections you may also want to add the -C flag to enable compression.

Here’s to your weekend!