HiFiBerry on ROCK Pi 4

Hi , HiFiBerry is supported on ROCK Pi 4.

Supported lists:
HiFiBerry DAC+ Light
HiFiBerry DAC+ Standard(RCA)

To use it, need to update the kernel and rockpi4-dtbo packages. And configure file, /boot/hw_intfc.conf.

Since it is testing stage, we add them on Radxa APT bionic-testing and stretch-testing repositories.

You need to modify file, /etc/apt/sources.list.d/apt-radxa-com.list.

deb http://apt.radxa.com/bionic-testing/ bionic main


deb http://apt.radxa.com/stretch-testing/ stretch main

Does such a data doubt that the GPIO uses the audio processing on the DAC board?
I think maybe this could alleviate the ROCK PI 4 processor for other tasks, if I am not mistaken the PC audio cards do this from Sound Blaster for example.

Great news! Can’t wait to try!

@Pypirock Audio processing was CPU hungry back in the 90’s, but nowadays CPU’s are so much faster that it doesn’t matter anymore.


hello, you already wrote to me. but I want to ask you, I am a beginner in Rock pi 4C+ and I have a HIFIBERRY DIGI2 PRO. How do I modify the kernel and rockpi4-dtbo?