Hi Guys, I wanna launch a project that is video surveillance base on Rockpi4b

1.imx219+rkisp for camera capture
2.rkmpp (hardware h264 encoder)
3.Zero copy between camera and encoder
4.RTSP for video streaming transmission
5.Without screen or monitor
6.Base on Linux (Ubuntu18.04)

What you need to prepare:
1.Rockpi4B(Ubuntu 18.04)
2.imx219(only support this,maybe support USB Camera in future)

I have finished:
1. Capture+Encoder+Rtsp

maybe support in future:
2.Face detect

Is anyone interested in this? (I’m not good at English :wink: )

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Looks very interesting, especially the Zero copy part. are you going to open source your project?
Regarding RTSP, you based your work on ffmpeg or your own code?

yep, I will open source my project. and rtsp base on live555

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Looks very nice and promising, keep up updated here. Maybe put your project on github and we can help to translate if your English is not good :wink:


Please push it to github or bitbucket and post a link here.