Help me get a sample ROCK Pi X for HDR time-lapse, Minecraft Bedrock, and KVM testing

@jack Thanks for inviting the community to take part in sample testing! I originally posted this in the “One step forward” thread but then saw that you were calling for new topics for each sample request.

I’ve been making use of open source software for the majority of my life and would like to be given an opportunity to give back to the community that has fostered my interests. I’ve developed a HDR time-lapse camera setup on a Raspberry Pi Zero W and would love to see it translate over to a far more powerful machine where I can perform more advanced image editing, and handle larger file sizes of a higher-end camera. Currently it takes about 60 minutes to produce a 20 second time-lapse from around 5000 photos. I’ve also got a stepper motor kit that I’ve been looking into incorporating into the time-lapse project for panning HDR time-lapses.

I’d also love to do some testing and present information on the performance of hosting a small Minecraft Bedrock server on the ROCK Pi X (a market that I’m sure many young enthusiasts are interested in). ARM processors aren’t supported by the current Bedrock server provided by Mojang, they provide an x86 executable only.

I’ve got experience in running KVM software too, so it would be interesting to see what’s possible with access to VT-X on such a small device!

Thermal performance would automatically be tested too, as I live in Australia it would be good to be able to see if the device can withstand our 45°C (or hotter) summers.

As per those projects, handling of large numbers of images, video rendering, service hosting etc - I’d like to be granted access to a device with more RAM, if possible.

If a sample is granted I’d like to make a video showcasing and documenting what I’ve found so I can more easily share it with the single board community at large.


Nice. I suggest you put the purpose in the topic heading. It will attract more people to click in an support you.

Done! Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll likely update my post with more information in the future, thanks for reading.