Help in Booting my Radxa E25 board

Hi everyone,

Firstly, I was greatly impressed by the functionality and punch that the Radxa E25 packs, based on this I decided to try out this board for myself.

My challenge is the fact that I cannot get the board to run the ubuntu image that I flashed to the SDcard.
I tried the eMMC approach and it says “download successful” after following the steps with the RKDevTool for Windows but it doesn’t boot with the plug and play approach that I am used to with raspberry Pi.

Please is there something I am missing here?

With the SDcard the led stay green for a short while before shimmering with different colours but nothing shows on my PC after this, while trying the eMMC doesn’t do nothing.

I’d appreciate every help I can get.


If your board starts flashing different colors, the system should be running, you can check the serial port to see if the system is running normally.
The serial port is TYPE C port, the baud rate is 115200.

Hi Alvin,

Thanks for your initial response…If I may ask though, once I successfully install the Ubuntu image for the Raxda E25 board, what am I to expect once connected to my windows PC.

Just to see if I have everything connected right, please can you tell me also how the connection from the board to the PC should look like?

Thanks in anticipation of your response and that of others as well.

You can observe whether there is output from the serial port on your PC.

Just unboxed a few hours ago and in my case it is not even showing any signs of booting, tried using memory card also but no lights or signs of booting/starting, please assist.