Help get Volumio running on a ROCK PI X

Ref. to the Volumio Audiophile Player homepage for details.
This little device would be a perfect fit for the Volumio X86 image version.
In case you would like Volumio for the ROCK PI X, you can help us getting a sample board to verify it works (with necessary modifications when needed) by clicking the heart down below.


Just an opinion:

Considering the processing capabilities of ROCK Pi X with the Z8350 it would be a shame to just limit it as an audio player.

I guess everyone would definitely like to see Volumio support for the ROCK Pi S.

Here it is:

Its small, has 1GB NAND storage option, and supports PoE.

This has already been done by a Volumio community member, hope it gets published soon.


I can confirm that, I’ve been testing some preliminary releases and Volumio runs very smoothly on RockPi S!

Unfortunately I2S does not work yet, from what I know it’s still w.i.p.

I have to admit the quality of the internal DAC is very good, I did some test with a hand-made adapter with a headphone jack connected to the GPIO pins.

Later on, when other projects I’m busy right now will be finalized, I will design a dedicated HAT for the RockPi S, with good DAC/AMP onboard… hopefully I2S will be working at that time (it is already on Radxa images)

You might want to try the kernel from my thread. I2S might be working fine with it and the deb should be installable on Lubuntu.

@tjcs90 are you referring to the RockPi X kernel? because my message was about RockPi S, I2S issues are in that device.

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whoops, it was, sorry!

no problem, I will proceed with some question about your kernel in the other topic