Hello Everyone , [Run Android from NVME using EMMC for BOOT and RECOVERY on my NanoPC-T4 rk3399]

I hope this is in the right place, Does anyone else here tinker with a NanoPC-T4 I have one and I would like to have Android On the NVMe slot and use the emmc just for boot, and recovery, and the sdcard for the external sdcard in android, then if I could adopt OmniRom to run on the rk3399 hardware and flash TWRP recovery and patch the boot with Magisk I think MPU6050 3 Axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Module 6 DOF 6-axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Sensor Module that would make me very happy with my nanopc-t4. I have a 4g modem gps on the hat, and I have a 9 axis I plan to attach, also the touch screen on dp0 and the camers too I am just playiing around with it for now, I have compiled Android10 and Android7 to modify some of the settings, but I am not the Wiz you guys are, I have only had the board a week now and just learning. I have Ubuntu 18.04 for my build environment I am dual booting on my Acer Intel Core I9 32g ram 2T ssd Windows Desktop ! year since I bought it new.
Any way any help to get me running android from SSD and also I am having trouble getting TWRP compiled I folowed a few guides I found for rk3399

I have to head in to work, but I will be back in about 8 or 9 hour, then I have Monday + Tuesday off

Again thanks, if there is any literature I have not found that can help me solve my errors… if there is any more infor you need to help point me in the ight direction I am happy to listen, and learn

Thank You !!

I don’t think the FriendlyELEC SDK contains NVME booting changes.
They have to support it, try to ask in their forum.

TWRP for Android 9 is available here, maybe it works on Android 10 too after some modifications.

THANK YOU :smile: I will see what I can find on the FriendlyELEC forums on nvme booting and let you know. I am using that repo and so far I have not been able to get a build to compile to completion following the guide step by step. I have done some minor modifications to solve a few errors but I am still working on it. I think I will get there soon.