HDMI Video Input?

Hi - I’m curious if I can do HDMI video input from a typical PC graphics card into the ROCK Pi N10? Anyone?

Anyone at all?..

Oh my god… Please tell me I’m not all alone in here…

Just type random keys if anyone can hear me!!! Anything!!!

I don’t have the board, but i don’t see an HDMI input, only HDMI output.
Not sure if you want to use the board to record video coming from your PC, I think it is possible with a USB / HDMI adapter.

Hi Avaf!!! Thank you so much for responding!!! Yes, what I want to do is record video coming into the ROCK Pi N10 from my PC, encode it using gstreamer and send it out the ROCK Pi’s NIC.

Do you think this is possible? I’m having trouble finding any documentation at all about doing this but it seems it might be possible.

If you or someone else could point me in the right direction of what I might need as far as adapters for the ROCK Pi N10 are concerned and any other pertinent information I’d greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

Two possibilities:

  1. HDMI-to-USB converter. Cheap ones (USB 2.0) start at around 10$, but add latency, and actual resolution is limited (definitely below FullHD, even if advertising says something different). Expensive ones provide better quality. Definitely works.
  2. HDMI-to-CSI converter, like used by PiKVM (https://pikvm.org/). May or may not work with the ROCK Pi.

Thank you @StefanBruens this is definitely helpful info. On a slightly different topic, the ROCK Pi N10 appears to be capable of doing actual hardware video encoding, right?

If so, what processing unit is doing this? The GPU or the NPU? I see listed here that the ROCK Pi N10 has both an NPU and a GPU.

Yes, it is possible. Decoding using HW is something fairly easy to achieve these days, but HW Encoding is something hard to achieve unless someone else already prepared a distro with this fully working. Usually, in theory, using SDK can accomplish that, but documentation is scarce.

It is known that rockchip tests all these “open source” stuff in Chrome. And “officially” they support gstreamer, so you might be lucky. I think at the end of the day you will ask about the quality.

Anyway, this board is powerful enough to do SW encoding. There is a member of the Armbian forum that does all his videos in an RK3399, you can find info there.

I prefer FFmpeg, and don’t use gstreamer.

If you are open, basically you need a cheap dongle and OOBs.