Having trouble with rsetup and overlays (Rock 3C)

I’m trying to use a Arducam OV5647 camera with a 3C. When I use rsetup to manage overlays, I go down to Raspberry Pi Camera V1.3 and hit the enter key. I get a message saying with overlay will be installed on the next reboot. I exit rsetup and reboot. After that I don’t see /dev/video0 and if I then go back into the rsetup and manage overlays, none of them have a “x” to indicate they are installed.

I found with a reference to this page in the 4C forum but it is just blank when I follow the link : https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/hardware/devtree_overlays_linux5.10

And the wiki page for 3C camera refences manipulating the /boot/config.txt file but I believe this is outdated with the change to rsetup.

I am running the rock-3c_debian_bullseye_cli_b31.img.xz build currently.

You need to make sure you run the option ok to make it work after you select overlay with rsetup.
And you can get some message /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf as follow:
“fdtoverlays /boot/dtbo/rock-3c-rpi-camera-v1p3.dtbo”

Ken thanks for the response, but how do you select one? If I go down to one I want and hit the enter key it just takes me to the next screen but doesn’t select anything. I’m using SSH if that makes a difference.

I did rename the file in the /boot/dtbo/* to remove the .disabled and rebooted. this seemed to work. I can see /dev/video0 now and in rsetup I get [*] for that overlay.

You have to press space bar to select overlay, then press enter.


lolll. Please add the instruction to the interface, it is hard for hobbyists using your sbc instead of Pis.

It is mentioned here.

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Thank you kindly for your response, though that does not put it onto the interface at time of use for new users booting up.

I think my point still stands, and since browsing the forum there are a number of posts with users having trouble with enabling hardware, perhaps some of those are overlays not being enabled in an expected manner due to putting the instructions on use at a link that is hard to get to, due to the crossover with old Radxa wiki pages, product pages, the ‘new’ docs site, Okdo support pages. People don’t know they are viewing fragmented, separated, incomplete and or out-of-date instructions spread across different resources. I find ROCK sbc youtube videos of people being frustrated because it is not clear what to do for a simple barrier they come across compared to using their old raspberry pi.

It is hard to know you are missing something if you don’t know it exists.

I would suggest every option is taken to improve ease-of-use of your products, like shutting down out-of-date sites and search-engine optimising/promoting your current resource. Google rankings often brings me to expired stuff for ROCK sbs and some pages point to ‘docs’ site and others are not updated.

I think if a company cares about uptake and user sentiment, Radxa can improve software to be more intuitive and documentation. :slight_smile:

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@Peter.Wang @jack


Thanks for your suggestions. We will speed up the new Documentation site and redirect the old wiki to the new Documentation site page by page.

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I guess that wiki will be deprecated and turned off?
It is old fashioned for sure, but there were useful informations, like edits, changelog etc, Also we were able to correct and add information there. Right now there is no such way for official docs? It would be ok to allow at least some report change, i.e. Rock 5B came out on arace with 32GB of RAM and that confused some people because of no official information on radxa site.

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