Has anyone made a case for the Rock Pi 4 Model C+?

Okay this is a Pi 4 C+ question, which has different I/O than any other Pi 4… has anyone made a nice chassis for it? A nice compact one would be great I found ones around 5 - 10 bucks made of wood for other Rock Pi 4s or more expensive metal and plastic ones, but nothing for the C+.

Anyone know of an option here?

This one should work:

I’m having to 3d-print cases of raspi4 and then cut out the area around the button

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I clipped a few ridges and filed a few areas from the black pi 4 case that comes with canakit Pi4 kits. It was still a very tight fit and much caution advised. It is also a temporary situation. It is going in a raspad 3 eventually.

I found one here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5481808

I’m modifying it to attach it to wood, you might want to edit it further for your mounting purposes. I’ll include the Fusion 360 file.

I used an Argon ONE v2 case. This is a very cool case for a raspi 4b, which has the same pin layout. This case has an integrated fan, power button, ir input and support for nvme over usb3. However, the CPU of a rpi4b has a little bit lower high and is not exactly an the same place, but thoroughly removing 0.5mm of the heat sink does the trick. However, WLAN is very weak, but maybe I need an external antenna. Also haven’t yet adopted rhe Argon packages for fan and power button as they use an rpi python lib, but should be doable.

Also I haven’t check if there is space for a m2 card, I use it with a emmc.

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Since this topic got revived, there is an official case nowadays:

I have used the following with a Rock 4C+


Very minor mechanical adjustments.

BTW: I have an replacement for the Argon service now running, so reset/power on/power off/ fan control works now on the C+ inside an Argon ONE.V2 shell.