Hardwired Network Speed Issues - Download is way too slow


I have a FIOS 1GB WAN link to my Ubiquity Edgerouter 4 that branches to a Base10G RG45 Netgear switch. The entire house and all appliance connections use CAT8.

My Wired Server and Desktop both max out on the speed test of 998 down and 990 up.
The Wireless clients are somewhere in the middle 400’s.

This is not a network issue.

On the ROCK PI C+ I get a Download of 33.37 and an upload of 375.66. The upload is livable and still almost 3X slower than it should be. The download is worrisome. I’m looking at 30X LESS than what I should be getting.
Anyone else having these issues, is there an update I’m missing or maybe a driver?

Thanks in advance,

Would anyone be able to assist me with this?