Hardware for .NET NanoFramework

Is there any Rock Pi hardware from Radxa which supports .NET Nano Framework ?

Do you wanna test something in particular or first link from google will be ok for testing?

I will be soon having a project for nanoFramework for which I have to select hardware.

That’s good, but not answer to my question.
How can I check that rock pi is good enough for your project? Should i just use first link from google or you can provide me with steps how to test it?

Once I find the right hardware, I will verify from its specifications if it is good enough for my project. But frankly, I did not understand “first link from google”. Anyway, right now, I don’t have steps to test it.

Okay, nvm about google.

As for NanoFramework in total - for arm64 we have monodevelop. Anything that monodevelop can - Rock Pi can too