Hardware Acceleration in Chromium using Debian

I’m trying to enable Hardware Acceleration and not getting results. I install OpenGL and the RockChip Mali Midgard drivers, but chrome://gpu either shows LVMPipe (virtualized GPU) or no acceleration at all. GLMark2 shows the GPU as available and scores the system. I’m using Chromium flags to force using the EGL and ignore the blocklist.

Has anyone been able to activate Chromium hardware acceleration? Am I missing a library or setting?

Bump! Any ideas from the community?

Hi, I have a Rock 3A and was also thinking to try enabling openGL/vulkan GPU drivers for chromium in Debian. Can you share where did you get the relevant sources ? I know the Rock 3A had different GPU (Bifrost) but it would be nice to have a reference steps to follow. Thanks!

After nearly a month of trying, I could not get anything but Panfrost to work using TwisterOS

Depends on the kernel that you use as Mesa needs a relatively recent one than say the 4.14 BSP images but should have no need for rockchip drivers just Mesa but often somewhere in xorg.conf you have to enable the Option “AccelMethod” to " glamor " and reboot.

Don’t have either but often that is the gotcha that people are missing but GLmark is showing Panfrost and not LLVM pipe or is as the above fixes that.
The Mali is purely a 3D accelerator and your 2D and video acceleration are elsewhere.