HA on Rock Pi 4 using Ubuntu, Docker and NVMe Drive Install Guide


I created a quick tutorial on installing Home Assistant on a Rock Pi 4b+ for anyone that is interested.
It uses Ubuntu 18.04 as the OS. Uses the NVMe drive for the root filesystem (/boot is on the eMMC) which should alleviate SD Card failures people are seeing on Raspberry Pi’s.

This is a brand new setup for me so it has not been thoroughly tested other that the few days I’ve had this setup, but so far it is working great. Much faster than my Raspberry Pi 3+.



Thanks for sharing. This is very nice. :slight_smile:


Glad to help out the community!


I followed everything from the install guide but still when I was going to install itunes on windows 7 it crashed and I could not install it again. Please help me to fix the problem.