Green LED with blinking red LED after power on


Just got my RockPi 4B and after a lot of fiddling around incorporating various bits and pieces (Large heat sink, nvme extension) I flashed the emmc card with Armbian_5.75_Rockpi-4b_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.174 using Etcher, placed it on the board then plugged in ethernet cable, HDMI monitor, usb keyboard and mouse then power and I get a Green LED plus a blinking Red LED. No signal to the monitor and no device showing on my Router.

What to do?


@chmeee5 Try other image, and better from .
Also try booting from SD card.


Armbian_5.75_Rockpi-4b_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.174 should be downloaded from Armbian website, and it’s not tested by us. Download image from:

and test.


I had red LED blinking with 5V power adapter
Few blinks and booting with off brand Quick Charge 3.0
I didn’t noticed any red blinking with 60W Power Delivery 2.0 adapter


Thanks for all the prompt responses.

I removed all the extra hardware and re-flashed the eMMC card with the Armbian image from the radxa site as suggested and it boots up just fine.

Now to re-install the hardware bit by bit. Thanks again.