Green LED on constantly and not blinking is my rockpi dead?

my rockpi 4b green led is on constantly and does not boot, not blinking. is it dead ?

If its green led then its not dead but it cannot find any uboot.

Can you explain in what did you do with the emmc or sd card?

If you don’t have anything in there then it won’t boot.

You need a bootable image either on sd card or eMMC.

I was trying to update SPI flash and on reboot, it did not booted just black screen, but by then the green light LED was blinking, then in attempt to flash via the OTG tried to erase SPI by connecting pin 23 to 25 since then it stays always on.

I am starting to doubt originally the emmc got corrupted, because I just now tried to use emmc with adapter on my macbook and it did not got detected.

its microsd card slot doesnt work.