Great potential - no accessories :(

So I would have been interested on using this as a portable thin client (rpi02 not up to the task unfortunately) but doesn’t look like it will work with existing accessories like
any feedback on this ?

Nope the Radxa Zero won’t work with that, as it’s designed around the specific trace and test pad locations on the RP0 PCB. You can still use a small USB-C hub though.


Electrically it would work, it’s just that the pogo pins won’t make the necessary contacts and the port cutouts may not line up as expected. If you have a 3d printer, you could design a new housing with the proper cutouts, and then remove the pogo pins and solder wires to the pads to make the necessary connections. Then again, at that point, it would probably be cheaper and easier to build around something like this:

I would have liked to use it as a product not do a project around it :frowning:
Thank you for all the comments @theophile - much appreciated !

Ah, I see. Well this is definitely a project board.